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Why you should support your local animal shelters: One cat’s opinion

Why you should support your local animal shelters: One cat’s opinion

It's Stanley's turn to have his say.

It’s Stanley’s turn to have his say.

Why should you donate to animal shelters, like Paws and Claws? It’s pretty simple. Donations make sure the cats and dogs at the shelter get food and water, blankets and toys. And, most importantly, they get new homes–other people’s homes.

My mom has a problem. She thinks it’s her job to “save” all the homeless critters in the world. And to do this she wants…

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Magazine Exchanges are Officially Awesome

Magazine Exchanges are Officially Awesome

Magazine exchanges are officially the awesome.

Last month, I wrote a post On Not Hoarding Crafting Magazines. I vowed not to let my home turn into a warren of knitting publications. I committed myself to a regular routine of magazine purging, tossing out or giving away the flotsam.

Then my blog-pal Carina of Hakelmonster blog proposed a  crafting magazine swap.

Ooh, what a good idea!

Now, I know…

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Win a Color Affection Shawl and Benefit the Paws and Claws Animal Shelter

There’s a shelter pet out there who wants to meet you

I know because I have two shelter cats at home. They cuddle with me when I have a cold, defend our domain from crows and ladybugs, and in general do everything they can to be members of the pride.

Orion, a shy, cuddle-monkey we adopted from Paws and Claws three years ago.

Orion, a shy cuddle-monkey we adopted from Paws and Claws three years ago.

I love pet adoption and I love animals. But I can’t take them all home,…

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So much stockinette

For the most part, I consider myself a process knitter. I revel in the feel of the yarn between my fingers. I enjoy the mini-puzzles that patterns present to me. I lose myself in the rhythm of stitch upon stitch. I even draw the process out by making my own yarn.

Occasionally, though, the urge to knit a specific object takes hold and spreads, like a rash. I am consumed with desire for a…

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Keeping the UFOs from Probing Me

Keeping the UFOs from Probing Me

Probing is such a drag. I’m sure you all agree.

One minute you’re sitting on the couch, your favorite Jane Austen movie playing in the back ground, your knitting needles clicking away… and then you feel a slight twinge. It’s a strange sensation, like a disembodied finger poking you in the temporal cortex.

“Hey you,” A voice says in your mind. “Yeah, you. Remember me? I’m that sweater you started…

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Sheep to Sweater

My sheep to sweater project is complete.


And there’s still snow on the ground.

Double Woot!

Here are some photos of Drusilla, my trusty knit-wear assistant, modeling my new sweater.

Pattern: Greenwood Pullover by Ann-Marie Jackson

Fiber: Texel wool, undyed.

Fiber prep: Hand-washed, flicked (some of it), and hand-carded.

Spinning: Hand-spun supported long-draw (mostly). Two-ply. No idea…

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Ravelry contributor Anke Klempner used her creative knitting skills to realize something that we’ve long suspected: teapots look a lot like snails.

Anke designed an adorable teapot cozy that accentuates the teapot’s resemblance to a snail’s shell and adds a pair of eye stalks to complete the transformation. They really do look like cute snails, but with the added bonus that these charming mollusks won’t eat your garden plants.

Click here for the Snail Tea Cozy pattern and instructions.

[via Neatorama]

I often think if tea pot cozier as kind of…fussy. But I can get behind these cute little snails. Love he little eyes.

On Not-Hoarding Crafting Magazines

On Not-Hoarding Crafting Magazines

Last night at knit group, my friend K brought in a small stack of crafting magazines to give away. “I’ve read them,” she said, “and I’m done with them now.”

In her stack was the recent “Red” issue of Piecework and the Spring 2014 issue of Interweave Knits. I snapped up Piecework immediately (I love the historical articles) and would have contended for the other…except I already had my own copy at…

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Tea and Knitted Toys with Susan B Anderson

Susan B Anderson doesn’t look old enough to have four or five published books and a kid in college. Knitting must be a great preserver, erasing lines of age from the face and lending a youthful lilt to the voice. P

I thought all of this as I listened to Susan speak at the annual Minnesota Knitters Guild Tea this afternoon. You listen to someone like her and suddenly the idea of earning a living…

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